Friday, August 1, 2008

pictures from Geni!

Hey everybody! Since mom & dad are having a hard time with my "lessons" on posting, I figured I'd post some pictures that were emailed to me! One of their friends took these as they were passing through some locks last week. I have no idea where they were, someone will have to let me know.
And no, I do not write anywhere near the level that my mom does, but at least I know how to post pictures... LOL. Enjoy!
Their *favorite* daughter,
Geni (


vance said...

Louis and Diane

We were all sorry to hear of the passing of Buddy. We all enjoyed his visits at Southern Coach Co. I was glad to see that Geni posted a picture of the whole gang with Buddy on the bow where I understand was his normal place to ride. Diane keep up the good work on the blog sight and look forward to your future adventures.

Second Wind said...

Diane and Wade, our hearts are heavy to hear about the loss of Buddy. Your tribute to that big, beautiful, friendly dog was both lovely and heartfelt. What a lucky dog he was, and what a rich life he led. I'm sure you still miss him terribly. We are sorry that it happened while you are traveling, but the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me.

Enjoy Georgian Bay and the North Channel, and we'll look forward to hearing more from you when you get back to the States.

Liz and Bob

P.S. Geni -- we love the photos!