Monday, August 11, 2008

I got this email from mom this morning (a picture of the girls!):

Eleven Looper boats gathered for Happy Hour on the docks of the Sportsman Inn in Killarney Channel the evening of 8-6-08. The following boats were present: C-Life, Southern Comfort, Ectra, Wanderin L& M, Ithaka, Bella Luna, Sunshine, Graceful, Golden Lilly, Phantom of the Aqua, and Blue Max. Victory had left in the morning and Prime Time was at the docks. A good time was had by all as we swapped tall stories of our adventures and plans for our future travels!
**Addition from Diane, the picture of "the girls" is far better than the one of "the boys"!

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Jennifer Lovell said...

Greetings from the vessel Victory! I wish I would of known of this blogging site before, it is fantastic! Looks like you all had fun in Killarney with a bunch of the Loopers. Wish we could have stayed longer to fellowship but we had to get moving since we had to ship off three of our passengers in the US. I am impressed on how great of a job you have done keeping up on your post! We are currently in Grand Haven for the week and then planning on heading over to Milwaukie next week. If you want any advice on where to stop along Michigan give us a ring. Hope to see you soon!
Miss you,
Jennifer from the Victory