Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another night in Charlevoix

Today is Sunday, August 24th. I shudder to think that four months from today is Christmas Eve! Where does the time go--our "golden years" are just flying--and I want to throw out the biggest anchor I can find and hold on to now! Any suggestions, anyone?

All seven boats decided early this morning to stay put one more day here in Charlevoix--a good decision in the minds of all us girls. The winds were predicted to pick up later today and then die out tonight--so we'll all be up early tomorrow and on the move. The Captains have decided to skip Leland and head straight to Frankfort--possibly traveling several days in a row to make up some time. This upcoming weekend is predicted to be "iffy", so we might be laid up again then. We need to travel when the winds are low.

We wound up yesterday (Saturday) taking a short walking tour of Charleviox. We went to see the "mushroom" houses, designed by Earl Young--"a dreamer, designer and builder of unique and fascinating stone houses, making a lasting impression on Charleviox." To us, they all looked like gnomes or smurfs had lived in them! They had uneven shaped and low shake roofs, tiny windows, large stone-built on the outside, and chimneys that had cement poured/dripping around the tops looking like snow was still on them! They all were precious and unique. After taking lots of pictures of the cute houses, we went for a tour of the local library. Talk about an inspiration for every town, this one here is a benchmark for every community that has old, outdated school buildings. Having been built originally in 1909, it was first just a school, then a lower school, then a middle school, then in the late 1990's deemed "out of date". The community got behind the push to make it a "downtown" library, pooling 2 million dollars through donations and a 6.2 million dollar bond. They built a state of the art, fine, fine, fine library--coming in under budget and finishing construction ahead of time! We were lucky enough to get a guided tour, compliments of one of the trustees (former student, former teacher, and former President of the Library Guild--talk about a true legacy!) and we were all totally blown away with what they had done there. We even went upstairs and bought "gently" used books in their used book room--all sales going into a fund for buying children's books. I could go on and on about how impressed we were with what a small community can do with an old, outdated, centrally located building!

Saturday night we all went up to the local deli and had another delicious dinner--thankfully skipping the nightly routine of the ice-cream parlor for dessert. We all went back to our boats thinking we were getting up early today and leaving --that didn't happen. That seems to happen a lot being a Looper! So Sunday, today, has been spent washing and waxing and odds and ends on every boat. Maybe a movie this afternoon--Olympics closing ceremonies tonight.

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Jay Stockard said...

It seems hard to believe that y'all have been gone so long, and I'm glad you are back in the USA so phone conversations aren't so expensive. Your blog has really allowed us to keep up with y'all and we really appreciate the efforts! Keep up the great work! I remember you saying that the trip would probably be a great opportunity to lose some weight, but from the great descriptions of all the wonderful eateries (and ice cream parlors) I have to wonder, how's the diet going? Just kidding, keep up your strength and keep the stomach happy and stretched before hitting Fogo in Chicago! Love ya, and look forward to days ahead when we can be together!

Brother Jay