Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wonderful People of Penatanguishine

First of all, many thanks to those of you who have reached out to us during this sad part of our trip--the e-mails, the calls, the hugs and tears have all been so much appreciated. We even received flowers (imagine!)--thanks again Robin and Mike. Bay Moorings Marina is a very special, caring group of dedicated people--I know it would be fun to work here! As I said in a note to someone, our hearts will be forever linked to this place--and it's because of the wonderful people we've met and been with who all helped us with this difficult time.

Today is Wednesday, July 30th--we had planned to leave early this morning but because of a big thunder storm that lasted until 10 am, we decided to stay here and get some cleaning done on the boat--good decision! I've rearranged storage spaces, having made extra space yesterday by cleaning out Buddy's extra stuff. We wound up giving all his extra food to the animal shelter--his toys, leashes and other things have been given away too. I told Louis that Buddy was my last dog a long time ago--and this time I mean it. We lead too much the lives of gypsies to have another pet. PLEASE remind me of this if I ever again get tempted! Or tipsy!

We've had a relative quite time here (Saturday and Sunday being real "downers")--not doing much except grocery, LCBO, cleaning, and visiting with friends. However, I did spend almost 3 hours yesterday having my hair cut, a manicure and pedicure--color Diane happy! It's been 3 months since I've done anything like that, and I didn't feel guilty at all!! We've had two pot luck dinners with other Loopers, had an almost full day Monday of seminars on the Georgian Bay and North Channel--hosted by Kathi and Harold Rogers and aided by this marina, Bay Moorings. We've gained valuable information about this beautiful area, and hope to spend almost three weeks here exploring. This is where we'll really use our dinghy and anchor out a lot at night--and hopefully empty that freezer that Louis put on the flybridge right before we left Morehead City!

Four Looper boats left out of here Sunday, five today, and four of us will leave tomorrow morning early. We're all going in the same direction, so we'll cross paths a lot with all these boats as we all make our way to the upper tip of Michigan, where we clear customs. We'll start traveling tomorrow with "Phantom of the Aqua", "Wanderin L & M", and "C-Life"--and hope that "Prime Time" can catch up with us this week-end. Poor things, they're still having prop problems. We're headed for Henry's Fish Camp--about 30 miles away. We will be in really sparsely populated areas, so I doubt I'll be able to blog--but I'll keep good daily notes, and catch up ASAP. So far, we're still able to get our cell phone to work, but doubt that it even will make the whole next 300+ miles.

This area is absolutely beautiful--cool days, not cold nights, clear and clean water. Neither Louis nor I have been in the water yet, but we expect to on this next leg. Up some of these rivers are supposed to be unbelievable waterfalls and "pools". I can't believe that Friday is August and we haven't had on bathing suits yet--crazy!! But the boat generally stays clean in this fresh water! It's also hard to believe we've been on the boat now 3 months. I hesitate to put this here because I know I'm going forget several (I'm sorry!), but Happy August Birthdays to Jay, Bean, Carol, Cap, and Tommy E.!

The Canadians are to be admired for their clean and "green" towns (practically no litter). Everyone here recycles, and they bring their own bags to the grocery stores--in fact, some groceries don't even have plastic bags to take your purchases home! Others charge 5 cents per plastic bag! Beer can only be purchased at The Beer Store and that store pays upon returning: 10 cents for beer bottles and 20 cents for wine and liquor bottles--what an incentive to recycle!! It's most impressive, and it's everywhere up here where we've been so far. I do so wish we would do that in the USA. Think of all we could keep out of our limited landfills.

We're having four couples over to the boat this evening for cocktails and eats--and an early evening--we're all excited about tomorrow as our Georgian Bay and North Channel adventure begins! Say a prayer for Louis that he'll keep "Bella Luna" off the rocks! We'll keep you posted.


Sheila Hencher said...

Hello Diane and Louis!
Sounds like you are having a beautiful time! We all think of you and miss seeing your beautiful smile this summer at the Coral Bay Club. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Be safe soak up all the wonderful memories and enjoy every minute together.

maynard said...

Diane and Louis, we have been out of socket for a while.....out of town and computer crash. BJ and I are so sorry to hear about Buddy; we both feel so fortunate to have spent some good quality time w/ him just b/f the trip began. I am so glad we got to see Geni's picture w/ Buddy on the bow. I know how much he was enjoying your trip and what a wonderful idea to make it his final resting place. Soon you both will be able to smile when you think back to the pleasure he found in taking care of the two of you on your wonderful journey. The blog is amazing. We truly feel we are right there.......on the Bella Luna, with you both. Thanks so much for sharing it w/ us. We miss you and love you. I will be picturing you when your arrive in Chicago around Labor Day. Many times I stood on the "beach" in Chicago and gazed at all the boats anchored and wondered what each journey had been or would be. Now I will at least know the wonders behind one of them! Much love and may=ny prayers for safety. Ann and BJ

Jan and Kim - The Sassy Sisters said...

Hi Louis and Diane,

I've been a little behind on my reading, and I've just now read about Buddy. My cheeks are wet - I know how much you will miss that sweet boy! When I get a new computer (mine crashed this weekend!) I will email you the pictures I took of him in Vermont. And I have some great ones of him at the lake from years ago, too, so I'll look for them. I know the trip will be different from now on, and I hope you'll have a great time anyway. Diane, you are a wonderful blogger and you've done Buddy proud. Hugs to both of you!