Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waiting Out The Storms

We almost named our boat "Knot in a Hurry", but we figured when we approached a bridge or a lock the person in charge would take us literally! How true that name really is though because cruising is not being in a hurry--you always have to be flexible--because the weather dictates your pleasurable traveling. With the recent storms and gale force winds blowing through our area, we thought it prudent to just stay put. Our extra time here has allowed Louis to add a small chest freezer to our flybridge and fix our "day bath" head sink, which chose to spring a leak two days ago. We still have our car here at the marina, which has made it nice for us to go daily to Wal-Mart, restaurants and such. We will take our car to the cottage when we're sure we're leaving. Surely it must be soon!

Our boat here in the marina can be seen from the street. Our original plans were to leave earlier in the week, so when friends drive by and see the boat, they pull into the marina and ask why we haven't departed. We've had a lot of "good-bys", followed by more of the same. It's really been comical. But it looks as if the weather will be calming Tuesday afternoon and onto Wednesday, so we'll plan to FINALLY/maybe? cast off then. Also, we are waiting for our friends on-board "Sunshine" to get here from Wilmington. Friends from another boat, "Segue", will return from a Duke graduation Monday and they should be ready to leave Tuesday/Wednesday as well.

To all the "Mothers" who are reading this today, we hope yours is a happy one! We went with the Brewers (thanks Pud & Betsy!) to Tony's for a delicious Sunday lunch. Yum Yum.

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