Saturday, May 31, 2008

Georgetown to Chesapeake City

Yesterday we left Georgetown and had an easy, flat ride of about 3 hours up the Chesapeake Bay to where we are now--Chesapeake City, Md. Several interesting things have crossed our minds as we have made our way north. First, the water has turned from brown to green. Second, we haven't seen any pelicans since Portsmouth, Va, but the ospreys are still everywhere--making their nests on every channel marker we pass. Third, both Louis and I need haircuts--although Louis is saying he's going to grow a ponytail. Yeah, right.

Chesapeake City is located at the mouth of the C & D Canal which links the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware Bay. The canal is heavily traveled, has very fast currents, and is the only linkage for these two bodies of water. Yesterday, we saw a humongous transport ship in the canal (traveling towards Baltimore) with 6, 500 imported cars in it, and just barely making clearance under the very tall bridge. We are in the small Chesapeake Anchorage Marina, right on the waterfront, and "Marti" is taking good care of us. This small town has got to be my favorite to date! But we're told it wasn't cute, fun, and safe 25 years ago.

Mrs. Richard C. DuPont (Allaire) was at one time the richest woman in Maryland. She lived very close to the waterfront on a large horse farm. This is huge horse country, raising some of the most famous thoroughbreds in racing history. Mrs. DuPont was ashamed of the way the waterfront had become--rough, rowdy, unclean, and unsafe. She had a vision of what she wanted it to be--she wanted to turn it back into the community it once was. So she formed a committee and, using her money, bought up the houses and storefronts, and cleaned up the waterfront. The whole process took about 10 years to complete, and now it is this charming town full of quaint little shops, good restaurants, and a great "tiki" bar right on the water--with nightly live music. In fact, if your boat is tied up to their dock, the waitresses come out to the boat, take your order, and then bring it back to you. How great is that?! Just like being at El's Drive-In in Morehead City! We love it.

Today is cloudy and a storm is approaching--so we have stayed put for the day. Tomorrow we hope to go through the 15 mile-long C & D Canal and then on to Cape May, NJ. This will be a long day for us, about 60 miles = 8 hours, as there are no towns or marinas of significance once we get into the Delaware Bay.

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Second Wind said...

Bob and I are loving your blog, and as you know, we are cruising vicariously with you! Great job -- interesting, well written, and informative. Keep having a ball! You are soon getting to the very best part!

Liz and Bob
Second Wind

Anonymous said...

Carolyn and I check your blog just about every day. Glad you're enjoying yourselves. Love the "play-by-play" you're giving us. Intersting and well written. Louis, you better keep
Diane. She writes better than you.

Louis with a pony tail? Take plenty of pictures. I want to see that. Y'all enjoy.

The Fishin Optishin said...

Yes, just so you know, I indeed check for your blog updates daily. Dianne, you have delightfully surprised me with your writing skills. The descriptions you give make me feel the rock of the boat in the swells, the steady wind on my face and I believe I heard the sound of crabcakes sizzling in the pan as I imagined the sweetness of their smell.....I even experienced a mild hangover after reading a couple of your postings. ;} You make it very easy to visualize every single moment of your joy.

It sounds like the beginning of your journey is going well and that the fun you are experiencing will continue for a long time. I truly envy you every day. I have no doubt that you have and will make many friends along the way. You both are just that kind of 'people'.

Enjoy! I'll look forward to your next blog entry....a big smile always appears on my face when I click this link and find new accounts of your adventures. I even check the weather every day for wherever you may be to see what you might encounter.

Take care,


BTW, picked up 19 pretty Spanish Macs in less than two hours using Clarkes off the rock jetty at Ft Macon last Sunday AM. Dianne, as much as I wish I was on YOUR boat, I'd bet a zillion bucks you wish you were ours then! :):)

Catherine Guess said...

Hi Mom and Dad! I'm sitting at home with John and Betty, showing them your blog. Looking for pictures.... :) Hope the currents get you there quickly and safely! Love, catherine

Jay Stockard said...

Hey Guys! Diane, you are doing a fabulous job keeping us "posted" and I look forward to each new posting. Keep up the good work. Talk to Geni and get it straight on how to insert the myriad of pictures you have taken. We want to see as well as hear about your exploits! Take care, and "Fair Winds and Following Seas" to you both! (And Buddy too)