Monday, May 26, 2008

Solomons to Annapolis

We did not leave Solomons on Saturday as planned--it was just too nice weather wise and we didn't want to travel. We both wanted to bike again to Solomon's Pier--just one more time--for their crab and corn chowder! I asked for their recipe, but was told it was a secret--I guess I'll just have to write Gourmet Magazine and ask them to get it for us!

So early Sunday, May25th, we left for Annapolis, deciding to skip Deale. The Chesapeake was not rough, and we had an easy trip here. On the way up here, we went by Thomas Point Lighthouse, and got a picture for our son-in-law, Thomas! It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and all the sailboats here give credence as to why this is such a sailing mecca.

We arrived in Annapolis around noon, took the Bella Luna for a quick loop around the harbor--like all the other boaters. It was so crowded--you would have thought it was the 4th of July! I beleive everyone who had a boat anywhere near here was out on the water and in the harbor--either tied up or cruising. We are now in the Chesapeake Harbor Marina (by choice!), just south of Spa Creek and all the hubbub/traffic of the harbor.

It's now Monday, Memorial Day. Our friends, the Leveretts, on "Southern Comfort", have left for Baltimore where they will be flying to Texas on Wednesday for their granddaughter's high school graduation. After a morning here in the marina of doing odds & ends and wash, we took off for a trolley tour of Annapolis--what fun! We have been here before, both by boat and for a bus convention, but this was our first trolley ride--and it was so informative. We learned about the Naval Academy--established in 1845--and which just this past Friday graduated 1,027 midshipmen. They now have 5 years of service to our country for their 4 years of college education.

After the trolley ride was over, we went--guess where??--for ice cream! After a nice treat, we walked just a block over to the Naval Academy in hopes we could see inside the huge, domed chapel. It was closed, but we were able to peek through the doors on three sides to get a view--awesome! Inside the tall, iron-fenced compound all the gardens and grounds were truly beautiful and spotless. It was especially meaningful being at the Academy this particular graduation/Memorial Day weekend--all the officer's big white homes were draped in flags. By mistake and because we were in a hurry to catch the shuttle to town, I left our camera on board! It really made me sick too--we'll just have to come back. Love those dress whites!

So far, "Buddy" is the only one of us to go swimming in the Chesapeake--and he was one happy dog too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Louis and Diane!!!! We miss you both so much here at the Coral Bay Club!!!! We have seen both of your daughters and your grandchildren and they seem to be having a blast. I'm soooo sorry I won't be able to see ya'll before I leave your wonderful club on June 11th. It has been a great experience thanks to members like you! I will always treasure my memories.
Love to you both,