Thursday, October 29, 2009

"On The Road Again"

Willie Nelson has always been one of our favorite singers and songwriters. His way of expressing emotions through song seems to convey a perfect emotion for a perfcet setting or period of time. Thusly, when we decided Bella Luna had been sitting still for too long (6 months), we thought of Willie Nelson's song, "On The Road Again"! And like that song says, we.... "just can't wait to get on the road again"!

Ever since returning home, we've been working on Bella Luna's appearance--poor thing, she looked really weary after going 7000 miles in 11 months with only minimal care. All her exterior teakwood has been completely refinished--professionally too, thank goodness! The interior teak paneling and flooring were given fresh coats of polyurethane as well. Two new stern canvases were added, keel work was done to repair a hairline crack, both sets of props were polished and recalibrated, and her hull was touched-up and buffed/polished to a rich blue shine. When we bought the boat in October of 2007, she didn't look nearly as pretty as she does now! And through Louis's many Cabella's credit-card points, we even purchased two new folding Schwinn bicycles--complete with their own pretty black carrying bags! Now that's special!

So this time around we're coming out of Pellitier Creek in Morehead City and heading south--south to Florida and the Keys. We plan on doing the St. John's River in northern Florida before coming home for Christmas. Then after the holidays, we'll return to the boat and head for the Keys--joining other friends there for a couple of months. When we leave Morehead City, we'll be traveling with another couple, Lisa & Jim Favors aboard their boat, "Kismet". Lisa is an expert with blogging and will help me post pictures here this time around---which should be fun for me too! And if all goes well, Bella Luna will not be back for six months this time--returning in April. We'll keep you posted.


Fairntosh said...

Hi Diane!
Well, it's Thanksgiving AM and I clicked to your blog just to see if there was anything new before I removed the "bookmark" and lo here your are again!
I am so thrilled for your "return to the sea"...but sad that all your Durham buddies may have to wait a bit to get a glimpse of you. If you plan a stop in Georgetown again on your way up or down the coast call us and we'll come meet, have dinner and give you a landlubbers bed to sleep in. That would be such fun!
XO Laurie S

Anonymous said...

Hello Louis & Diane,

My wife Katie & I thoroughly enjoyed the article in Soundgins magazine abou tyour Greal Loop adventure.

I would like to have the chance to speak with you as we're in the preliminary planning stages of our adventure.

If you're agreeable please call me at 845 524-2050 or email your phone number and I'll be happy to call you at your convenience.

My email is


Dave Smith