Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Thoughts Before We Reach Canada

Today is Monday, June 23rd. A huge thunderstorm has just passed through (yes, more rain!)--thankfully, we have reached a marina that is so remote and has abandoned cell phone service for me, but has wireless--go figure! We have been on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain for the last four days, and now have come to this marina for the night. The Vermont side of Lake Champlain and the New York side of the same converge here for border crossing into Canada. We have just tied up at Rouses Point, NY--about 3 miles from the Canadian border. We should be in the Quebec Province of Canada by 9am tomorrow--Tuesday. How far we've come in 6 weeks--amazing!

I turned off my cell phone this afternoon when I tried to make a call and heard a "French" voice!. And all we heard coming into here on the VHS radio was French! How strange it is to be so disconnected--I haven't seen our children/grandchildren in 6 weeks--haven't driven a car in the same. And now that I've turned my cell phone off--well, I feel just so "away". I can't ever remember feeling this way as an adult before, until now. Yet, we are with other new "Loopers" who are also feeling a little "squirrely" about this, but we're all excited about what's to come. It's just--we're a long way from home and REALLY feeling it today. For all of us, there's no turning back now.

We thoroughly enjoyed our short time in Burlington, Vt. It has to be one of our favorite "big" towns to date. We rented a car with "Segue", went to our first fabulous farmer's market on town square, did lots of errands, and have had a great "look-see". It's a wonderful, vibrant, "GREEN", hip, friendly, progressive, delicious, so-so clean, beautiful, hilly, college town. ( The students were mostly gone while we we were there.) And, it's also the home of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream--color Louis happy! Everyone there along the water where we were seemed to exercise, be in shape, speak at least one other language, have a dog, and just enjoy being outside--from early morning until way after we went to bed! Since Louis and I were up around 6am every morning, I/we got out early to walk "Buddy", and so many people were already ahead of us--amazing! I especially want to remember Burlington for the beautiful arrays of cheeses, flowers, and maple syrups at the farmer's market--and the layers of misty mountains off our bow. We both hate to leave this special place.

Tomorrow we enter Canada, and what fully awaits us we still do not know. Customs, hopefully, won't be a problem. Our books, charts, maps, "chips", seasoned friends, "Skipper Bob" guides, still can't paint the full picture for us. The grand adventure/journey is something we've come this far for--and we'll take whatever/whenever/wherever. But the primary question/concern for me is whether we can still stay in contact with family and friends--I certainly hope so!

We plan to be in Canada and the Georgian Bay until early August. I have no idea whether I'll be able to blog at any time--we're going to try to be near wi-fi--but I'll keep good notes and keep trying to get on! If you don't see anything posted here, then you'll know I'm out of reach of wi-fi. I surely hope that doesn't happen.

We're reminded of how different our world is now--post 9/11. Signs of heightened border security are right here beside us. There's an armed customs official on our dock and we've seen two border patrol boats just in the short run into this marina. There's very little traffic on the water except us "Loopers". Lots and lots of boats in marinas, but little activity--signs of fuel prices? We wonder. We're now flying the Canadian "courtesy" flag on our boat and we'll need to get Canadian money tomorrow. For Louis's sake, I hope we won't be in french speaking country for too long!

To those of you who have been in contact with us, we thank you dearly--hearing from you has kept us happy! We hope to keep in touch with you as much as possible too. But to get a feel for how far we're going, look up The Georgian Bay--it's a long way from home!

The boat's doing fine, we're both still healthy, Buddy's meeting new friends daily, and Louis and I are still speaking to each other! We're traveling with like minded/fun/experienced people--that's comforting for all of us. We should be back in upper Michigan by mid August--and down to Chicago by Labor Day--back into civilization. We feel mighty fortunate to be able to take this trip, and count our blessings daily. We miss family, friends, and home--and wish we could bring it all along with us. Keep us in your prayers.


Jay Stockard said...

HAVE FUN! You certainly have gone a long way so far, but look how much more you still have to look forward to experiencing! I'll miss our Tuesday chats, but look forward to hearing all your news upon your return. GOD speed to you both (you too Buddy) and may you always have fair winds and following seas!


Second Wind said...

All the detail in your blog makes us feel that we are right there with you -- and we ARE there in spirit every mile of the waterway! Burlington was one of our favorite towns too.

Can't wait to hear about your Canadian adventures!

Liz and Bob

The Fishin Optishin said...

Six weeks already! That truly is amazing. I've enjoyed the blog and will continue to check for updates. You may be out of contact for a while but you certainly won't be forgotten...I promise to dedicate my next shrimpburger from El's to the travelin' Wades!



Anonymous said...

love your blog page.saw #2 daughter and #1 daughter and lttle ones the other sat.they all look weel and,hot at the beach. am going to come out of ret. to help randy for the 4th. lots of pig pickings to do, however i am going to start fishing my boat in 2 weeks.take care pat buddy on the head for me. fair winds, ab,s oldest living teenager, sam